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Thousands of Tights  牽|緊

Chienn Tai was raised by her pianist parents, with a solid training background in classical music, she explored other fields from voice-acting, theatre acting, dance and choreography, public speeches and interpretations, to product development, content creating, and visual designs. She is now a Project Manager in a London marketing company, which allows her the freedom to maintain a multi-talent, cross-genre artist.

Chin Ting Yang initiated her classical piano learning at the age of six and Chinese music at seven, and gradually encompassed jazz and music production. The theatric studies provided her with experience with script-writing, directing, and stage performing on top of music producing. She is now a collaborative artist working with Zone Sound Creative, focusing on audio designs and the connection with humanity.

Chienn[lit: thousand] and Chin[lit: tight] Ting have collaborated as art collectives after having met in high school and pursued their bachelor degrees in their respective fields. 



Happy Idea

But can we buy happiness? Theme parks are places that people visit to forget about life for a while, mirroring those who hit the bars for a drink or indulge themselves by taking drugs.



This musical piece accompanied a textual insight into the traditional Taiwanese funeral, and farewell 送sòng [lit: bidding goodbye] 終zhōng [lit: the end] that is preserved both textually and musically when the project 頌sòng[lit: ode] 終zhōng [lit: the end] pays tribute to the traditional funeral and honoring the deceased in an alternative comprehension of death.

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 17.03.34.png


The Missing Movement

Lost in history.
The movement missing in the flow of history and found its way back in words and notes.

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